Supplying 3 columns with the Stand ID, coordinate X and Y (UTM coordinates of the military chart), this tool allows to locate the nearest weather station with observed data 1960-1990), supplying the sum, average and variance for the existing climate variables for the user chosen months .

the result will be the download of an MSExcel file (sorry, the variables are in portuguese only)

Step 1: Add in your MSExcel 3 columns with StandID XCoord and YCoord

Step 2: Make a "copy-paste" of the 3 columns from your excel (incluinding the header) to the box below

Month to calculate data:

(Separate months you want with a dash. Use the first 3 digits of the month in Portuguese - Jan, Fev, Mar, Abr, Mai, Jun, Jul, Ago, Set, Out, Nov, Dez)