Forest Growth Functions PlayGround

Bridging forest modelling with students

João Palma and Margarida Tomé

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Equation Current and Mean Annual Increments (CAI and MAI)
Lundqvist-Korf A: k: n:
Richards A: c: k: m:
Hossfeld A: k: c:
Case 1 A: k: n:
Case 2 A: k: n:
Case 3 A: k: n:
Case 4 A: k: n:
Case 5 A: k: n:
Case 1 A: c: k: m:
Case 2 A: c: k: m:
Case 3 A: c: k: m:
Case 4 A: c: k: m:
Case 5 A: c: k: m:
Case 1 A: k: c:
Case 2 A: k: c:
Case 3 A: k: c:
Case 4 A: k: c:
Case 5 A: k: c:

Forest Growth Functions Playground